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Associazione culturale Leo's Lab

Da Vinci al Macello


From the 2nd of July to the 23rd of October EXTENDED THROUGH 12 NOVEMBER Lugano will host a unique exhibit "Da Vinci al Macello" - (From Vinci to the Slaughterhouse), an exhibit and a series of events dedicated to the machines and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, scrupulously studied and reproduced based on the drawings of the renaissance genius.

30 working models will be on display in the suggestive hall of the former public slaughterhouse, last remaining industrial site in the center of Lugano, along the Cassarate River and close to the Lido. Apart from the size of the exhibit, Da Vinci al Macello will also witness the presentation of several models and interpretations of the codexes that have never been seen.

The collection of atomata is punctuated by several important objects such as the Chiaravalle clock mechanism, a pendulum mill, a polishing device for mirrors, two flying machines.

Beyond the celebration of the renaissance figure of Leonardo the exhibit intends to develop a profound reflexion on the relationship between man technology, a dominant and contemporary theme as well as the relationship between the body, the automata and language.
A section of the exhibit is dedicated to musical instruments: next to the noisy inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci will be placed the imposing Mechanical Drum, a modern interpretation of the tamburo maccanico.

During the four months of the exhibit, special events will be held  by philosopers, scientists, architects, artists and authors. Musical concerts and performances will be held.

During the months of September and October, Leo's Lab, together with the Dicastero Giovani ed Eventi of the City of Lugano, will create a seres of intensive didactic workshops. All of these activites take their inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci.

The exhibit ‘DA VINCI AL MACELLO’ is a collaboration between the Dicastero Giovani ed Eventi of the City of Lugano and Leo's Lab.

Da Vinci al Macello is part of the Festival "LongLake" of Lugano




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